Combination Offsets Double Casing  

SFP manufacture these components to NZS 2918:2001 Section 4.1. SFP does not warranty that these components, when installed, will meet durability requirement B2/AS1:Durability.

Combination Offsets Double Casing

Double Casing - Up to 400mm c to c  
300/350/400mm - POA

Double Casing - more than 400mm c to c  
150/200/250 Above 400mm c to c - POA


Please state offset (centre to centre) when ordering - 

Minimum 220mm centre to centre for 45 Deg

Less than minimum - manufactured at 30 degs P.O.A.

Maximum 600mm centre to centre.

Double Casing more than 400mm c to c - POA