Oval Ducting  

Oval Ducting

3000 Lengths  
A= ???mm B= ???mm
150mm x 470mm
150mm x 550mm
150mm x 630mm
200mm x 440mm
200mm x 520mm
200mm x 600mm
200mm x 680mm
200mm x 760mm
200mm x 840mm
250mm x 410mm
250mm x 490mm
250mm x 570mm
250mm x 650mm
250mm x 730mm
250mm x 810mm
250mm x 890mm
250mm x 970mm
300mm x 465mm
300mm x 540mm
300mm x 620mm
300mm x 700mm
300mm x 780mm
300mm x 860mm
300mm x 930mm
300mm x 1020mm
300mm x 1100mm
400mm x 560mm
400mm x 650mm
400mm x 720mm
400mm x 800mm
400mm x 890mm
400mm x 980mm
400mm x 1040mm


Sizes listed are nominal sizes only. Other sizes of Oviform ducting are available.

Please enquire about sizes not listed.

A set up surcharge may apply to some sizes.

Oval connectors sold separately.